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We selected high quality of fresh longan, baked in steam-oven until their meat slowly changing to red.This product suitable to eat like snack, mix with water, tea or other beverage and use like seasoning in food. Dried longan does not just make a tasty snack. Since ancient times, the Chinese have recognized the benefit of dried longan used to blood tonic and nurture the heart.

Item Dried Longan (whole) / 圆肉
Packing (kg.) 10.5
Gross Wt.(kg./carton) 10.0
Carton Dimension W x L x H (cm.)      40.8 X 27.2 X 34.8
Dried Longan Grade
rated by the selector size (mm.)
Temperature of Oven (celcius) 75°
Dehydration Period (hr.) 60